Love Poems : It's Hurts That We Can't Together

Ah..I never knew why
Why you're always in my mind
It seems I can't get away from you

We are love each others
But never have each others

It hurts that we can't together 

Our love is never gone ...
My love for you is never change

Just keep the love in heart
When one time we meet again
Love may still exist, may still be for you

It's hurt that we can't together

Please don't ask me why
Where, when, and why
All dissapear in a momment right in front of the eye

The love that once exsisted between us

Maybe that's the answer
One process to step forward and keep stronger

This Love Poems (World in My Mind) is dedicated for you who is hurt in heart, but just not to keep the hurt in too deep or too long, we could use the hurt in heart to be better in life, using the emotion to step forward, and become power to success.



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